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Why aren’t companies selling conversion kits from rack & pinion to a steering box?

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What the press says:

“It's always a pleasure to test a new product that lives up to the hype, and the SteeroidsTM power rack kit for C3s easily lives up to, if not exceeds, the promise and the hype.”

Vette Magazine

What our customers say:

“I absolutely love this rack & pinion set-up from Steeroids. It takes a tired, old, sloppy drag link setup and makes the car super fun to drive. It is a home run for sure and your service is the best as well. I am a walking advertisement for your company. “

Thanks again, Dan Z.


My classic car drives like a truck. - This is a common reaction to owners accustomed to modern suspension and rack and pinion steering. A car designed thirty or forty years ago carries a lot of baggage from old technology. A steering box can never be as good as a well designed rack and pinion for a variety of reasons not the least of which is more moving parts between you and the wheels. More parts, more slop, and more play in the wheel when you steer.  A classic should drive as good as it looks!

I just spent a ton of money rebuilding my stock front end and it still feels vague and drifty. - Guess what; it felt that way when the original owner drove it off of the dealers lot. Rack and pinion units are quicker ratio and have what is called on center feel. This makes your car go when and where you point it as you are cruising.

When I hit a bump the car gets a mind of its own and wants to steer where I don't want it to go – Welcome to the world of bump steer. This unpleasant and dangerous tendency was probably there when your ride was new. Car manufacturers optimize their designs for the average driver and the average road, and for how cheap they can build it without being subject to a recall. When bump steer happens your front end alignment is actually changing as you drive over a bump in the road! Scary huh? Only Steeroids rack and pinion kits offer the ability to adjust for bump steer.

I can't believe how clunky, heavy, leaky and complex the steering is on my car. - Your steering was designed when gas was thirty five cents a gallon, and weight meant value. Those days are gone, and that is exactly what needs to happen to that old cast iron steering box, idler arm, center link and steel tie rods. Installing a Steeroids rack and pinion kit will trim up to 25 lbs from the steering system depending on the vehicle.

Isn't working on your steering a difficult thing to do? - Not with the proper tools and instructions. If you own basic hand tools and can read English you have everything you need to rip off that clunky antique steering and go modern with a Steeroids rack and pinion conversion kit. Choose power or manual system, we have both kits plus the tech support to help if you get stumped. Leave that ancient pile of parts that was once your cars steering system in the recycling bin where it belongs and switch to modern, responsive rack and pinion.

Five Reasons Why People Buy a Steeroids.




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Just the facts:

Steeroids: “We put fun in every corner...” TM

Why have thousands of your fellow classic owners installed a Steeroids?

It's all about driving fun. Who wants to struggle with an obsolete steering box system that can never feel like a Steeroids.  Parking a car with non-assisted steering is a big hassle, running an auto-cross is the same. The wide tires available today only magnify the problem and the effort. Many classics did not come with power assist but even if your car came with power steering are you stuck rebuilding a clunky, leaking dinosaur? The obvious answer is, NO!

Many owners from around the world have experienced the joy of what a few hours of work can do for the way their car feels and their whole attitude about driving their car is transformed in the process. Let's face it, the “daily driver” vehicle, no matter if it is a Smart Car or a high end European sedan has rack and pinion steering. You become accustomed to that precise “point and drive” tight feeling. It is the way you like a car to handle and drive. Then you hop into your beautiful classic and what a disappointment. How can the car look so good but drive and handle so bad? A Steeroids will totally transform you perception of your classic. It will have that precise, responsive feel you are accustomed to from a modern car.

Steeroids has satisfied the need owners have to drive a great handling car from Australia to Saudi Arabia and everywhere in between. Join with them, now you can tame the beast and be thrilled with the results. Look over our technical instructions and see how easy it is to bolt on a lot of fun and then go find some curvy stretch of road to feel the difference.